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Important Links:
Access Board Guidance for Healthcare (pdf) Access To Medical Care For individuals With Mobility Disabilities
Accessible Healthcare RI (pdf) A Link to a pdf file for Accessible Healthcare RI
IRS Tax form: Form 8826 (Disabled Access Credit) (pdf) A Link to IRS Tax form: Form 8826 (Disabled Access Credit) pdf file.


Q. Why do you want to survey my office?
A. We want to include any part of your office or services that is accessible so that persons with disabilities can locate them.

Q. What will my participation cost me?
A. There is no charge to you for participating in this survey.

Q. What obligation does my participation put on me?
A. We are not regulators. We cannot create any more of an obligation than you already have under the law.

Q. Will I be penalized for things that are not accessible?
A. We will only be noting what is accessible and that is all that will appear on the website.

Q. Will you be reporting me to any authorities for what is not accessible?
A. No. We will be happy to share with you information on what will make you more accessible as well as information on tax credits that may help you become more accessible. However, our job is strictly to provide information and that is what we will do.

Q. What if I don't want my office to be surveyed?
A. We cannot force your participation. However, we hope you will help us so that, if any part of your office is accessible, persons with disabilities can know that.

Q. What if I add accessible equipment or change a room to make it more accessible in the future?
A. We will provide you with an email address so that you can tell us about any changes. We will then be happy to add that information to the database.

This project was made possible through a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Health, Disability & Health Program