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Website Overview:
The website serves consumers (people looking for health care providers with specific accessibility capabilities) and providers (professionals and institutions who provide specific accessibility services).

Home Page Navigation Links
Find a Provider: For consumers, the first link (Find a Provider) may be used to navigate to an interactive database page where users can insert multiplr Keywords horizontally across the page under three column headings: Provider Type, Location, and Survey Question. A search button may be used to initiate a keyword searchand help locate healthcare providers whose services match those criterions. The keyword boxes are located just under the column headings of a table that has columns labeled: Provider Name, Provider Type, Provider Location, Category, Provider Question (You can ignore the first, forth, and last, 6th column labeled: Yes/No Quantity).

At the top of the Find a Provider page, there are two radio buttons labeled: Wide and Narrow. Wide is the default. A Wide search connects the keywords together using the word "OR" so your results expand with each keyword entered. A Narrow search connects the keywords together using the word "AND" so your search gets smaller as more keywords are added.

Keywords: Keywords may be partial words, complet words and short phrases. Case is not sensitive but points are taken off for misspelling! After adding or deleting a keyword you may press the Enter Key or click on the "Search" button at the top of the page.

Navigation Aids: At the top of the page and after the Wide and Narrow search radio buttons, are two links labeled: "Return" and "Help." Return, heads back to the home page and Help brings up the Help and About page and a separate window.

Navigation aids (continued): To the right of the next line below, after "Return" and Help" buttons, are two links labeled: "Search" and "Reset." The Search begins a new query. Reset clears all Keywords to: "Enter Keyword" (A blank-filler with the words "Enter Keyword" is used to indicate no keyword has been issued) and clears the search form.

Help About: Is this the current page being viewed

Consumer Information: is a page of links and FAQ information for users.

For Providers: Has information for current and future providers. Useful links and documents are provided such as: "Access To Medical Care For individuals With Mobility Disabilities, Accessible Healthcare RI" (pdf), and the IRS Tax form: 8826 (Disabled Access Credit) (pdf).

Accessible Health Care RI Brochure
This project was made possible through a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Health, Disability & Health Program